There’s a time for everything, and the time now is to bring DAGIIT to the world. Here is the newly revised logo that I’m excited about because of the power and simplicity the image represents.

Here’s the current DAGIIT logo design. It conveys what Dr. Allan wants to do mostly here, and that is share the variety of touch modalities that have the ability to touch, connect and heal all of us. From the professionals that desperately need it for their own welfare, to the layperson that wants to tap into the powers of touch that can be shared with their friends, family, and loved ones.

At this very moment work is being done to bring this website to fruition. The vision has been created, and now we lay the foundation.

Our Vision:

  • To maintain a functional bodywork website that has a wide appeal for anyone in the touch therapy business, and for those that have an interest touch therapy.
  • 500 videos by the end of the year, with an ultimate goal of 10,000. Let’s have videos for the general public, and for those that want to teach others.
  • Invite other top professionals that share the DAGIIT vision to participate in live and recorded events, webinars and special events.
  • To educate and empower millions of families with the Don’t Stand Up Straight™ philosophy so they can have a viable, simple method to help teach their children. Goodbye  “Good vs. Poor Posture, and the static posture paradigm.”

So now much work has to be done, but if you love your work there is only excitement on the road ahead.

The Future is Bright

After many years in the bodywork business, I have the confidence to succeed. And we are all about networking, because you can’t climb a mountain by yourself. Well at least not the summits in southern and central Asia. So, if you feel you have what it takes, or have something to offer DAGIIT, feel free to reply here, or give us a shout out to our general email box at



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