About US

David Allan, D.C. is creator and founder of DAGIIT (Dr. Allan’s Global Institute of Integrated Touch), and has taught bodywork internationally since 1982. He has created a variety of videos and publications for the reflexology, massage, chiropractic, and bodywork field since 1995. He is a master bodyworker with expertise in Shiatsu, Structural Integration, Postural and Movement Education, Reflexology, Auriculotherapy, and other touch therapies.

In 2001 he created his first comprehensive video on reflexology, and planned to share his body of work with the world at a reflexology conference in Rome later that September. After the 9/11 tragedy in NYC, his trip to Europe was cancelled along with his dreams to continue teaching, and turned his focus to his private practice in Los Angeles, CA.

His passion for teaching and sharing never waned, and time off from teaching allowed him to hone his craft and create proprietary methods in touch therapy and postural education including Reflexatsu™, Power Shiatsu Moves™, Natural Posture™, Don’t Stand Up Straight™, Auriculotherapy HP™, Compress Mobilization Technique™, and Rocketship Wellness™.  He returned to teaching and introduced his latest video Introduction to Auriculotherapy HP™ in 2009 at the International Council of Reflexologists meeting in Los Angeles, CA.

With the advances of technology and the Internet, DAGIIT is here to serve two purposes:

  • To facilitate the healing powers of touch education.
    • This will be done with choices to study and network as a DAGIIT member, or participate in live events on the web or in person. Also DAGIIT has plans to lecture at selective touch therapy conferences and associations around the world.
    • We’ll soon be launching 150 videos with a 1000+ as a goal. Besides the videos I plan to integrate many dynamic programs soon to be announced.
    • We will also invite other top touch therapy practitioners to join us here in live webinars soon to be announced.
    • DAGIIT Certifications will be formulated and available soon to heath care practitioners.
    • DAGIIT will provide the general public will various ways to learn the healing powers of touch including couples massage, and family and friends massage programs.
  • To shift the paradigm of the static posture model consumed with positions and terminology like Good and Poor Posture to Natural Posture™ that embraces postural awareness along with comfort education, and breath and movement consciousness. This will be packaged and marketed as a fun new system of postural education called Don’t Stand Up Straight™ (DSUS)
    • DAGIIT members can learn about Natural Posture™, and DSUS certifications will soon be available to all health care practitioners.
    • The bigger picture is to provide families with young children a sensible, viable method that teaches the core principles of DSUS.

We ask you to join us!

We will create a place where anyone that has the desire to explore the healing powers of touch has a place to call home.