Robin Rae

- Robin Rae, Co-Owner, Saturday Afternoon in the Universe, Robin Rae Bodywork

I have known Dr. David Allan for over a two decades, and he has consistently been on top of his game: teaching, healing, muscular therapy specialist, advisor, inventor, and musician. He is always synthesizing a myriad of modalities to fine tune them for higher pursuits, using wellness and awareness as his guide. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants a consummate professional to show them the way! Robin Rae

Bill Flocco

- Owner, American Academy of Reflexology

It has been my privilege to know David as a superb healer for thirty years, during which he has that unusual gift of being an eternal student of new and additional ways of helping his patients have better results, better health, and the resultant higher quality of life. David also has been a highly respected presenter at Professional Conferences and Conventions around the country. Anyone who goes to David can be assured that the wide range of healing modalities he has studied and mastered, will give you a remarkably excellent chance at healing. And, he will be the first to tell you that the healing process is a team effort, between the best he can offer you, and your active participation and self-responsibly for your healing. American Academy of Reflexology

Sofia Ianovskaia

- Certified Ayuveda Wellness Counselor, Certified Massage Therapist & Reflexologist

I feel blessed that our paths crossed. I have learned so much from you during the class and feel very honored to be a part of your program. It adds so much value to my practice. Thank you also for your generosity and of course, for a treatment. I feel much better! After your posture correction, I went to the DMV to renew my license, and when taking a picture I told them to watch my left shoulder as I have a tendency to raise it. The camera lady said -- there is no need to as your posture is perfect and shoulders are even. THANK YOU, DAVID. Sofia Ianovskaia

Dr. M. Anne Rardin

- Musician Program Specialist, The Harmony Project

David is one of the most phenomenally talented chiropractors & body-workers I have ever known. (And I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur in this area, if I could say that - having partaken in many kinds of bodywork for over 30 years, and having written my dissertation on musicians' medical injuries) Musicians - take heed. As a professional musician himself, he has a special sensitivity and understanding in this area. His soft-tissue work on the neck and upper extremities is quite outstanding. And he is a wellness coach, with areas of expertise well beyond traditional chiropractic. I recommend David with all my heart. He is a beautiful and wonderful gift to this world!" Dr. Rardin