I’ve been through quite a number of lotions and oils in my day, and I’ve got some advice. I always recommend using the highest quality products whenever possible. Using harsh, clogging chemicals on the skin on a regular basis can be hazardous to your health.

Let’s look at a few questions that will certainly affect your oil/lotion decision. What is the objective of your treatment — Relaxation or therapeutic? Is there a shower available? Is price a factor in your purchase? What style of massage do you fancy?

Before I get into it, I’d like to offer a thought of caution to the beginning therapist. Don’t be a grease monkey. Many schools today start you off with basic Swedish techniques where oil is used and I feel too much oil on the body becomes a bad habit. I find many therapists reach for the oil right from the start of a treatment and would probably have trouble giving a massage without it. Learn to work without the grease. I suggest the first part of your treatment should be done without lubricant. This will allow you to assess the muscles and joint systems much more effectively and will give your treatment a more dynamic look.

This is my go to cream for deep tissue therapy and most bodywork methods

Since I’m not planning to give an exhaustive dissertation on this topic, I suggest you get more background at this following site. Also you can see a good list of choices at Biotone. I’ve used there products for years — I feel they can be a good commercial source for most of your needs.

Of course there are more natural and pure companies such as Aubrey, but their lotions don’t hold up well during a massage. I love Aubrey Organics, but not for the massage gig.

Here’s an interesting article that covers popular oils used today for massage — Click here Besides their recommendations, I have experienced hazelnut oil and found it to be a nice base that mixes well with essential oils. Regarding essential oils, the Young Living Essential Oil blends are fantastic.

I have a great cream for the foot rub. It’s called Sole Solution and it’s made by NuSkin. When massaging the feet, you need a very thick goo to achieve the proper traction. Don’t even consider giving a great foot rub with oil — it just doesn’t work. Also, Sole Solution is a great treatment for cracked skin at the bottom of the heels.

Now after all that advice, I’d like to give you the straight poop. For the most part stick with a professional massage lotion and oil company like Biotone. I suggest that you order it directly from the company, because a second party like a store or distribution center. The products are more likely to sit around longer and the quality will be compromised.

Stick with an unscented product and my choices from the Biotone catalog are dual purpose massage cream (works very much like an oil, but less greasy) and their unscented deep tissue lotion for deep tissue massage and structural integration.


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