Musicianship Wellness Program™

  Personal & Professional Development Essentials for All Musicians   WHAT YOU WILL LEARN INTRODUCTION Introducing the Rocketship Wellness™ Model for optimum health and longevity Blast off with Rocketship Body, Rocketship Mind, and Rocketship Nutrition Embracing a holistic lifestyle, and understanding that all components work synergistically together to maintain life and our health. How high […]

Don’t Stand Up Straight™ – A New Twist On Good Posture

Fundamentals & Essential Body Mechanics Education For Everyone! Welcome to a program presenting a shift in paradigm on posture that will revolutionize your practice. If we can change your fundamentals and habits for the better, that’s monumental.  You will evaluate your current mindset on posture, and then experience Don’t Stand Up Straight™ (DSUS) tools that will […]

Introduction to Auriculotherapy HP™

Auriculotherapy HP™ (AHP) is a method created by David Allan, D.C. that uses Auriculotherapy for health and prevention as a stand-alone treatment method, or an effective modality that integrates well with a massage practice or most other health services. Auriculotherapy is the art and science of stimulating points on the ears that can facilitate health […]

Advanced Reflexology: New Concepts & Application

Never before has there been such an array of stellar and unique therapies in one great program. This advanced reflexology program will be useful in any reflexology or serious bodywork practice. This course is better suited for the therapist or doctor that has had some experience in reflexology and/or bodywork. Core Curriculum & Description ADVANCED […]

Power Shiatsu Moves™

This Power Shiatsu Moves™ (PSM) program will give you the confidence to successfully add and integrate new techniques to your session using your forearms, elbows, knees and feet. PSM will be the answer and lifesaver to your tired, worn out wrists, thumbs and fingers, add longevity to your practice, and help prevent you from burnout […]

Dr. David Allan’s Deep Tissue Toolkit

Dr. David Allan, an elite master bodyworker and chiropractor, presents his finest collection of deep tissue massage techniques that will amaze and dazzle you.You will learn an array of incredible moves derived from Power Shiatsu™, Structural Integration, Reflexatsu™, and Compress Mobilization™ that will enhance any massage, chiropractic or bodywork session. Each move evokes several stroke […]